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We founded Create Luck Realty to provide the kind of service which recognizes that the search for your new home, or the sale of your old one, is a deeply personal process, not just a business transaction.

Our boutique experience begins with understanding exactly who our clients are, then finding the space to match.

Let us help you find yours!


Dani Bald//Love Local Realty//Lic#BS.0144338

Vegas Realty, Create Luck LV, Dani Bald

Vegas Realty Luxury Modern Home, Dani Bald

Beyond the Space- a word from Dani


I’ve been in Real Estate for over 12 years now, and for all 12 of those years I’ve consistently struggled with finding the right way to promote my business without doing the whole self-promotion thing.

While listening to a Seller enthusiastically explain all of the time and energy he had put into upgrading his space, it dawned on me. I shouldn’t be the one promoting these properties anyway!

Beyond the Space is a marketing piece that’s entirely focused on the space and the Seller’s unique experience in that space. Every space was purchased with an intention. Every space is being sold for a reason. And every space has a story…who am I to try and tell it?

Vegas Realty Luxury Modern Home, Dani Bald

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