coffee table decoration ideas

Vignettes – Coffee Table Decor Ideas

Vignettes – Coffee Table Decor Ideas

Give Your Coffee Table a New Look for Spring

Did your coffee table turned into a wasteland of half-read books and half-eaten snacks over winter? While you’re in the process of clearing away the debris of another successful season of hibernation, finish by creating a little design vignette. With just a few adjustments, decor you use all year can create a fresh new look for spring.

Coffee Table Books
The art-and-design-obsessed among us can never get enough coffee table books. These oversized collections of photographs and art prints feed our inspiration. But with spring cleaning comes the desire to reduce visual clutter. Try turning the paper sleeves on your books inside out to create a clean, simple foundation for your coffee table vignette.

Add Layers
Breathe some new life into old design elements by bringing them together in your vignette. Candles, vases, photos, baubles – whatever you have, try combining things that you’ve never displayed together before for a new look. Use the base of your coffee table books to create levels and play with height.

Seasonal Touch
Finish off your vignette with something new to give it a fresh touch. Cut flowers or a small potted plant are a natural fit for spring. You might also try a bowl of fresh fruit, a trendy new piece, or some seasonal holiday decor.